We got to the house on Monday to find an awesome electrician and his equally awesome assistant hard at work.

The house has insufficient electricity for us.  We plug a lot of things in.  Most of them are even electrical!  The house doesn’t have a lot of outlets, and most of them are just 2-prong.  Some rooms have no lighting whatsoever (we think there was a major remodel in the ’50s or ’60s, and having lamps was the style of the time).  So the electrician came up with some clever solutions to fix all of that without tearing out all of the walls.  He pulled wires through the soffits to install new lighting and outlets, added a few more circuits to the house, converted the old circuits to GFCI, switched all the outlets to 3 prong, and put in some wireless light switches.  We were there for the beginning of the process, which involved a lot of walking around the house, measuring things, and trying to guess where we’re going to plug things in.

By the end of the day on Monday, our office had lovely dimmable LED recessed canister lights, with light switches!

We also discovered that there is yellow drywall under the wood paneling, so we’re going to tear the wood paneling down and paint the wall behind it.

It’s exciting to see progress!