Oh crap, we bought a fixer-upper.....

Swarm of Contractors

We spent a few days at the house, doing our best to get it ready for Moving Day.  There was a veritable swarm of contractors there too – lots of noise and dust and progress and paint!

The projects in progress were:

  • Since the electrician cut a big hole in the top of the previously-wood-paneled wall, we figured we’d just chop off the top of the wall instead of patching it up.  The other side of the wall has kitchen cabinets on it.  So now, we’ll be able to make a ladder up that wall, and the cats will be able to get on top of the wall and the kitchen cabinets, right in the middle of the house.
  • Chopping the top off that wall made the top of the wall crumbly, so an awesome paint and drywall guy cleaned up the wall and made it smooth.
  • The electrician put a thermostat-controlled fan in the carport shed, which has now been converted into a server room.
  • Our bedroom is right next to the laundry room, which is also where the furnace is.  The furnace is loud, so they’re building a more sturdy wall with a solid-core door to keep the furnace noise contained.
  • We started paint prep.  The previous owner apparently had a hobby of nailing things to the wall.  Then, they painted over most of the nails.  Every time we turned around, we found more nails.  We thought we would never be done spackling.
  • Two walls in the bathroom and one wall in the office had really awful wallpaper on them, so the drywall guy took that down and skim-coated the walls to make them smooth.


  1. Rebecca and Maxx

    Rockin’ IT!

    Obviously Morgan and Penelope are the photographers, we may need a few selfies just for proper documentation.

    Lookin’ GREAT – can’t wait to visit and run on the trail near the new home..

    Maxx and Rebecca

  2. Margaret

    Hee hee I understand why the wall has no top!

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