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Lighting and Paint Colors

We worked with a color consultant to choose the colors in our house.  We are really glad we did – she was immensely helpful, and the house looks a thousand times better than it would have if we had chosen the colors ourselves!

When we were picking colors for our office, we told her we wanted a really bold blue color.  We picked the office color fairly late in the afternoon.  At the time, no lighting had been installed in the office, so we picked the color in fading natural light.  We found a paint chip that we liked, and then we carried that paint chip into another room and couldn’t believe what an ugly color it was.  Then we carried it back into the office, and really liked it.  So the lighting made all the difference in our opinion of that color.

Then our electrician got to work.  He installed canister lights in the ceiling.  We love those lights – they’re bright, and dimmable, and LED.  Then we painted the room…. and the blue color really wasn’t what we wanted.  It looked more teal than blue.  It was pretty icky.  We took the full-spectrum daylight lamp we had used in our office in Seattle and put it in there, and saw that the color really was the nice blue we remembered, so we knew we weren’t crazy!

The lights that the electrician installed were a warm white temperature (2700K), with a hint of yellow to the light.  So we tried swapping out the fixture he installed for one with a cooler temperature (daylight, 5000K).  And look!  The blue we wanted was back!  So we’re replacing all of the lights in the room, to go back to the color we originally chose instead of the teal we didn’t want.

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  1. Margaret

    Amazing what some light can do. Three pics show it, hunh!
    You must have a fastidious doggy to put a water bowl on the carpet.
    Bee balm, and carry on.

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