One of the projects on the list when we moved in was to replace the toilet – it worked okay, but it was old, a little ugly and used a lot of water, and it got dirty very easily.  Also, it is very close to the wall, as seen below, so when we painted, we couldn’t really reach behind it to get rid of some of the dreadful pink, so there has been a toilet shaped spot of pink there for years.  The toilet was so close to the wall that sitting on it was a kind of cramped, despite the bathroom itself being fairly large.

Replacing it was not a high priority on the to-do list, but a couple weeks ago, the flapper started leaking, very slowly at first, then constantly, and then constantly, but louder (it was just leaking into the bowl, so it wasn’t like we had to clean things up every day, but wasting water is, well, wasteful!).

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